Shipping questions?

Yes. We offer complimentary Xpress Post shipping on all orders over $125. No code needed, your free shipping will automatically apply once your cart total reaches $125.

When you choose to include the 3% insurance (minimum of $5) with your order, we guarantee that your package is protected against loss or theft during transit. In the unfortunate event of confirmed loss or theft, we will replace the contents of your order at no additional cost to you.

We will not replace any orders that show a ‘Delivered’ status in the tracking. If your is package is showing ‘delivered’ but you do not have it. please contact Canada Post about the issue. 

*Any orders that decide to opt out of the insured shipping will not have their packages replaced in the event of a lost/stolen package.

Your Elements will not cover packages with insurance due to:

  • Wrong address provided by the customer
  • Customer change of address
  • Theft after delivery
  • Package being rejected upon delivery (concierge or other)

Packages with incomplete or incorrect addresses (eg. missing unit #) will be undeliverable by Canada Post. No refunds or replacements will be give for this. PLEASE ENTER THE CORRECT ADDRESS.

Orders with payments received before 6 pm (EST) will be mailed out the same-day. Packages will then be shipped out with 2-day shipping by Canada Post Xpresspost.

Tracking numbers will be emailed to you when your package has been picked up for shipping.

In some cases, Canada Post will update the full tracking history on the day of delivery. Please give it a 2-3 days for the tracking information to update. If it has been longer than a few days, contact customer service. 

This is due to an incomplete or wrong address (eg. missing unit #). YOUR ELEMENTS WILL NOT ISSUE REFUNDS OR RESEND PACKAGES WITH THIS TRACKING STATUS. 


Items that are rejected upon delivery will also not be issued refunds or resends. 

For security reasons, our packages do not have a return address. Therefore, any package that cannot be delivered will not return to us.

All orders place before 6pm (EST) will be shipped out on the same day. This excludes orders placed on weekends or holidays. Since Canada Post is closed on these days, order placed on these days will be shipped out on the next business day. 

Loyalty Points

Simply just making a purchase will earn you points. Each $1 you spend will earn you 10 points. You can then later spend those points towards your future purchases. 1000 points will get you $1 off. 

You can also earn points by sharing on social media and leaving reviews for our products.

There is no expiry date for your points. 

You may only spend a maximum of 20,000 points on your cart. 

Other Questions?

Yes! To turn on the battery, press the button 5 times. After you turn it on, you can pre-heat the battery by pressing the button twice. The light will change colours and eventually turn off. 

To change the voltage press the button 3 times.

  • Green light = 2.6v
  • Blue light = 3.3v
  • Red light = 4.0v
To turn off the battery press the button 5 times again.

The most common problem with all vaporizers is the cartridge being screwed on to the battery too tightly, causing the connection plate at the base of the cartridge to be pushed in. You can often fix this problem easily by using any small tool to pull the connection plate out, just a little so it will connect with your battery.

This is usually caused by a faulty cartridge opposed to battery, please try an alternative cartridge and see the question above on how to troubleshoot the most common problem with vape cartridges.

It will take 40 minutes to fully charge your Elements battery from completely flat, and one battery cycle will last approximately 200 draws.

Please allow your battery to cool down fully between uses. Over use on the highest temperature setting will result in your cartridge burning out more quickly.

Elements distillates are potent THC extract that can be both smoked and ingested (in fact all Elements products are safe for oral consumption) Our distillate can be used as a bowl or joint topper on top of dry flower, dabbed or added it into food and drink.

Your Elements offers a 30 day guarantee on all of our hardware. If you purchased your product directly from us and experience any production faults we will replace your product within 30 days of purchase (subject to our discretion). In case of accidental breakage or loss, you can purchase replacement parts via our online store.

We do not have a storefront, and all direct sales are made via our website. Currently the only form of payment that we accept is E-transfer.

More questions?


Office hours: 1pm - 11pm (EST)
Emails with be answered within 10 mins.