Are you thinking about bringing your cannabis vapes onboard your next flight? Well, we've got good news for you!

Travelling with marijuana products, which includes cannabis vapes, in Canada is a perfectly legal and straightforward process. As long as you adhere to all government rules and regulations, you should have no problem bringing your cannabis vape pen on board. We’re here to help you understand the essentials of flying with Mary Jane and how to breeze through security with your trusty vape.

Follow the tips in our guide to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey with your cannabis vape pen.

Flying with cannabis vape Canada

While Canada has legalized recreational cannabis use at the federal level, there are strict regulations when it comes to transporting or flying with cannabis.

If you are flying in Canada, the Cannabis Act allows you to bring your cannabis vapes or other marijuana products onboard domestic flights. However, regulations regarding the purchase and consumption of cannabis vary across provinces. We advise you to refresh yourself on the local laws before you fly.

Understanding the rules set at both the federal and provincial levels is the best way to avoid legal complications when flying with your cannabis vape.

Man using cannabis vape pen
Be sure to know the legal age in your home AND destination province. Failure to do so may result in your cannabis vapse or other THC products being confiscated by security or worse if you are found not to be of age in your destination province.
Additionally, some provinces, such as Ontario and Quebec, have a different legal age than the age of majority for purchasing alcohol, nicotine, or cannabis. It is crucial to check you meet the age requirement, otherwise you risk your cannabis vape being confiscated.
We have provided each province and territory’s legal age for carrying or purchasing cannabis vapes and other THC products below. We strongly advise you to check all cannabis laws and regulations before flying, as the following information may not be accurate from the time of writing.

18: Alberta

19: British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, Yukon

21: Quebec

How Much Cannabis Can I Take On A Plane?

The maximum limit of cannabis an individual may carry in public for personal, non-medical usage is 30g of dried flower or its equivalent in edibles, THC concentrates, cannabis vape pens, THC cartridges, etc.

Finding Dried Cannabis Equivalency 

1 gram of dried cannabis or marijuana flower is equivalent to...

  • 5 grams of fresh cannabis
  • 15 grams of edible product
  • 70 grams of liquid product
  • 0.25 grams of concentrates (solid or liquid)
  • 1 cannabis plant seed


If Aurora packed the following cannabis products for her flight...

  • 2 x 1g Pre-Rolled Joints
  • 7g Dried Flower
  • 2g Disposable Cannabis Pen
  • 500mg Cannabis Cartridge

She would be within the legal limit as she is carrying the equivalent of 17g of dried cannabis.

Can I Bring Cannabis Vapes on A Plane?

To put it simply, yes! Depending on the size of your device, you may even find yourself allowed to carry multiple vape pens with you on your flight.

According to the Cannabis Act, the maximum amount of concentrate you may carry in public is 7.5g. All of Element's cannabis vapes and carts are considered concentrates due to their purity and high level of THC. 

Element's Products Quick Reference:

  • 2ml Cannabis Vape = 8g Dried Cannabis
  • 1200mg THC Cart = 4.8g Dried Cannabis
  • 1000mg Distillate Syringe = 4g Dried Cannabis
  • 500mg THC Cart = 2g Dried Cannabis
  • Elements Gummies Package = .8g Dried Cannabis

To avoid complications at the airport, we advise you to stay within the legal possession limits. Carrying more than the legal limit could result in a hefty fine or up to 5 years imprisonment if caught. 

Medical Exemption for Cannabis

If you use cannabis vapes or other products for medical reasons, you may be granted an exception. We recommend you consult your family doctor or contact airport security before your flight if you suspect you may qualify for a medical exemption.

Medical Marijuana Exception for Flying

Possession Limits for Medical Exemptions

If you have been granted a medical exemption, your public possession limit is the sum of the following limits:

  1. Up to 30g of dried cannabis or its equivalent for non-medical usage
  2. A 30 day supply OR up to 150g dried cannabis; whichever is lesser

Packing Cannabis Vapes For Air Travel

We recommend packing your cannabis vape pen in your personal item or carry-on due to its lithium-ion battery.
Due to the distillate oil in your device, it must be packed with your liquids, lotions, and gels when passing security.
It is wise to wait for your pen to cool completely before packing, as hot oil is more likely to leak during the flight due to the increased pressure in the cabin.
If you choose to pack your weed vape in your checked luggage, you may be asked to remove the vape pen from your bag at check-in.

If you prefer to fly with your favourite vape cart and battery instead of a vape pen, the steps are very similar. While the battery must be turned off and stored in your personal item or carry-on, the carts can be stored in your checked luggage or carry-on.

We suggest packing our Elements Battery + USB. Its slim design makes it easy to slip into your carry-on, and the button can be used to take a hit, preheat your THC cart, or turn the device off during your flight.

If you choose to bring your vape in your carry-on or personal item, it must be placed in your liquids, lotions, and gels bag and contain less than 100ml of distillate. Remember 1g of distillate is equivalent to 1ml of liquid when it comes to your cannabis vapes and cartridges.

Can I Use Cannabis Vapes on Planes?

Smoking or vaping on any commercial flight is strictly prohibited and could result in penalties or being escorted off the flight.

Your device must remain off and not in use during boarding, flight, and landing. If you are caught using a cannabis vape on a flight, you may be subject to fines or barred from flying with that airline in the future.

To ensure a stress-free experience, we suggest consuming edibles or vaping before security screening. Edibles are a discreet and convenient way to dose mid-air if you experience anxiety during flights. Our Elements Edible Gummies come in 6 juicy flavours and are a popular alternative to our cartridges and cannabis vape pens. 

Do Cannabis Vapes Smell? 

Yes, while weed vapes do produce a mild scent, it's typically much less noticeable than when smoking a cannabis joint. Vapour produced from a THC vape tends to dissipate much more quickly than smoke produced by a joint, pipe, or bong. 

The smell from weed pens can vary depending on factors like the strain of cannabis used and the type of vaporizer. Some may smell more earthy or citrusy, depending on the terpenes or added flavourings present in the oil.

Be mindful of your surroundings and considerate of others when using your weed pen in public spaces. It is considered good vaping etiquette to refrain from using your weed pen indoors or near exits and entrances. 

Regardless of scent, we do not recommend using your cannabis vape onboard a flight. The vapour produced is heavier than air and is likely to set off the highly sensitive smoke detectors on board. 

Can Drug Dogs Smell Cannabis Vapes?

Drug dogs are trained to detect a wide range of drugs, including cannabis, but their ability to smell cannabis vapes can vary depending on several factors.

Although cannabis vapes produce vapour and not smoke, drug detection dogs are trained to detect the specific compounds associated with each drug. They are highly trained and some can detect even trace amounts of narcotics. 

Airport Drug Dog Searching for Cannabis Vapes

As travelling with a weed vape is completely legal in Canada, we recommend being transparent and honest with security officers and airport personnel. 

Being truthful about possessing a weed vape will result in a smoother screening process. Conversely, attempting to conceal or lie about having a weed pen could lead to delays, additional questioning, or even legal repercussions. Honesty is the best policy when flying with your cannabis vape.

Can I Take Cannabis or a Weed Vape Across the Border?

Travelling across international borders with any cannabis product is against the law in most countries and could result in significant penalties.

Many countries, even those with legalized cannabis, have strict regulations against its importation.

The Canadian government does not allow tourists, residents, or its citizens to enter or leave its borders with any cannabis products. This includes all products containing CBD, cannabis vapes, cannabis vape pens, flower, and all other THC-containing products.

We strongly advise against travelling with any CBD, THC, or cannabis products when flying internationally as you could face serious criminal charges if caught.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, flying with cannabis vapes in Canada is allowed and a straightforward process if you follow our recommendations.

Stay within legal limits, pack thoughtfully, and be transparent while undergoing security screening to ensure a stress-free travel experience. Don’t forget to check the rules and regulations of your destination province. Safe travels!

Cindy Young

Cindy is a longtime cannabis aficionado and seasoned writer. Originally from BC, she attended the University of Waterloo and graduated in 2014. Her passion is educating others on cannabis culture and sharing her wealth of knowledge. Dive into the world of THC with Cindy as she blends a unique academic understanding with her genuine passion for all things cannabis.
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