The rise of THC vape cartridges in Canada has revolutionized how we experience the joys of cannabis, offering us a convenient and confident way to enjoy its effects. As success often attracts imitation, it’s no surprise that the realm of knockoff brands has infiltrated this market, too, much like faux designer bags and pesky computer viruses that follow trends.

Like any other trend, the realm of cannabis isn’t immune to the influx of subpar imitations. This situation becomes even more concerning when considering products like the weed pen. The actual cause of alarm arises when these imitative products place our overall health and safety in a precarious position.

The emergence of bootleg THC cartridges is a worrisome trend in the Canadian cannabis market, and the consequences of using these substandard products are far from pleasant.

In this guide, we aim to empower you, the cannabis consumer in Canada, with the knowledge and tools needed to discern the genuine from the fake, particularly when it comes to THC vape carts and weed pens.

What Do We Mean by a Fake THC Vape Cart?

What Do We Mean by a Fake THC Vape Cart?

Fake THC cartridge refers to products that claim to contain an exceptionally high percentage of THC, the compound responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. These packages often boast high potency, which is appealing but is usually a red flag.

Authentic cartridges are tested and labelled with accurate THC levels. However, fake carts may contain harmful additives or lower-grade THC, risking your health and overall experience.

Five Signs of a Fake or Contaminated THC Cartridge

Here are seven straightforward signs to help you spot these impostors and ensure a safer vaping experience:

1. Suspicious Packaging

Suspicious signs include generic packaging, misspelled words, and missing vital information like batch numbers and manufacturing dates. Legitimate manufacturers take pride in their products and provide clear, professional packaging.

2. Unrealistically Low Price

A too-good-to-be-true deal often indicates a counterfeit cartridge. High-quality THC oil extraction and cartridge production come with costs. Steer clear of highly cheap options, which may contain harmful additives or poor-quality oil.

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3. Strong Artificial Flavours

Fake vape carts might use excessive artificial flavouring to mask low-quality oil. If it tastes like candy or perfume, be cautious.

4. Harsh or Irritating Vapour

If your throat feels irritated, you’re coughing, or there’s a burning sensation, the cartridge might have harmful contaminants.

5. No Manufacturer Contact Information

A trustworthy THC cartridge brand provides contact details for customer inquiries. If you need help contacting the manufacturer for questions or concerns, it’s likely a counterfeit product.

What Makes an Authentic THC Cartridge Stand Out?

What Makes an Authentic THC Cartridge Stand Out?

An authentic THC cartridge stands out through its consistent and reliable potency, clear labelling of ingredients, and compliance with safety standards. Its distinct terpene profile reflects the strain it claims to be, ensuring a genuine and enjoyable experience for users.

Licensed manufacturers make authentic cartridges and subject them to rigorous testing. They are packaged securely, showcasing a dedication to quality and consumer well-being.

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Can You Identify a Fake Cart by Its Colour?

You can often spot fake vape carts by looking at the distillate colour. Genuine carts have a distinct shade that sets them apart from fakes. If the cart looks orange or brown, it’s fake. Trustworthy cannabis vape carts usually sport a luxurious golden, amber, or honey hue.

What Does a Fake Vape Cart Feel Like?

You might encounter lung pain, breathlessness, and persistent coughing when you take a puff. These feelings stem from harmful substances not meant for inhalation. Fake vape carts bring hazardous batteries, raising the risk of explosion or overheating.

How to Know if a Vape Cart Has Harmful Substances?

How to Know if a Vape Cart Has Harmful Substances?

To determine if a vape cartridge contains harmful substances:

  1. Examine its labelling for accurate ingredient information and third-party testing.
  2. Avoid products with vague or incomplete ingredient lists.
  3. Prioritize reputable brands that undergo rigorous testing for heavy metals, solvents, and contaminants.

Common Fake Cart Contaminants

Commonly found in counterfeit THC cartridges are heavy metals like lead, harmful solvents such as butane, pesticides, and synthetic additives like vitamin E acetate, polyethylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, artificial flavours and other additives. These contaminants present significant health risks when vaporized and inhaled. 

On the contrary, genuine products adhere to stringent testing protocols, prioritizing safety measures, while counterfeit cartridges lack these safeguards, amplifying potential health hazards.

What Happens When You Vape Fake THC and Delta 8 Carts?

You might face the risk of EVALI, a condition causing respiratory damage. Coughing, shortness of breath, and irritated airways could become constant companions. You might feel vomiting and nausea.


How to Spot a Bootleg Cannabis Vape Cartridge?

Identifying counterfeit cannabis vape cartridges involves scrutinizing packaging details, including fonts, colours, and logos, for inconsistencies. Legitimate products display proper labelling with batch numbers, QR codes, and regulatory information. Low prices and vague product origins are red flags.

What Do Fake Carts Taste Like?

If you detect a metallic or burned taste while vaping, you might be sure it’s counterfeit. This unpleasant taste usually points to subpar materials and shoddy construction, clear indications of a low-quality vape cart, even a fake.

Can a Fake CBD Vape Cartridge Kill People?

CBD vape carts contain harmful substances that can pose serious health risks. These substances might lead to severe health issues, but directly causing deaths seems less common. Nevertheless, counterfeit or unregulated products are risky and can have harmful side effects.

What Are the Common Brand Names for Fake Carts?

There are ten common brand names for fake carts given below:

  1. MuhaMeds
  2. KRT Yang
  3. Lion’s Breath
  4. CaliCarts
  5. Cartnite
  6. Choices
  7. TKO Extracts
  8. Rove
  9. Runtz
  10. Raw Garden

How to know if a vape cart has vitamin e acetate?

If the liquid seems unusually viscous and has little to no air bubble movement, vitamin E acetate might be the cause. Authentic vape carts typically have their ingredients listed on the label of the package.

How Do I Know if My Vape Cart is Real or Not?

A quick scan reveals whether it’s approved and safe. Scan the QR code as further proof if it is written on the packaging. Check the serial number near the code; it should match the brand’s site, so your vape is authentic. Elsewhere, the vape is fake.

Where can I buy THC cart without harmful ingredients?

Where can I buy THC cart without harmful ingredients?

You should only buy real vape carts from licensed dispensary or licensed retailer. Always avoid low priced carts from black market. Because most of them are counterfeit carts without any license number, batch number or packaging date.

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Final Thoughts

Spotting fake THC vape carts is vital for safety and a positive vaping experience. Authentic options exhibit accurate labels and consistent terpene profiles and adhere to safety standards through testing.

Fake carts often boast unreal potency, suspicious packaging, or low prices. Remember, oil colour isn’t enough; watch for murky oil or particles. Counterfeit THC cartridges can cause headaches and weak highs due to additives. Prioritize transparent labels and third-party testing to avoid harmful substances like heavy metals and solvents.

Brands like MuhaMeds, KRT Yang, and Lion’s Breath are linked to fake carts. Verify authenticity by scanning QR codes and serial numbers. Prioritize awareness and informed choices for a safer vaping journey.


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