Weed vapers don’t want a disappointing hit. But it’s hard to figure out why a vape cart gets clogged. Thick oil is tough to vaporize, some pens must be set up right, and only some cart companies have good quality control.

On the bright side, you can often prevent clogs in THC, CBD, or Delta 8 carts. Our guide aims to be your all-in-one solution for unclogging your cartridge, whether with limited airflow or lack of vapor. 

We’ll also share tips to help you maintain your vape carts better. That way, you can avoid problems before they happen!

Why Do Vape Pens Clog?

Why Do Vape Pens Clog

The following is an explanation of the four main reasons why vape clogs occur:

The type and source of your oil matter

Some products, like isolates and live resins/rosins, often clog carts more than distillates. They have uneven particles and thicker consistency, which can cause the compounds to crystallize. But don’t worry; CCELL cartridges are designed to handle all oils effectively. Remember to buy from reputable companies and avoid black market sources.

Oil viscosity and temperature changes are important

Vape pens can clog due to the interaction between internal and external temperatures and the oil. When it’s hot, the vape oil becomes runny, thickening when it’s cold. Both extremes can lead to air flow problems in your vape pen.

Keep your vaporizer away from direct sunlight as well, since high temperatures might ruin the quality of the oil. Keep it in a secure location at the proper temperature.

Cold oil affects air flow

Cold temperatures cause oil inside a cartridge to thicken. Each of these temperature extremes might result in a sudden blockage in your vape pen’s air flow. It makes drawing in the oil difficult for the heating element because the cold restricts its movement.

Warm oil affects air flow too

If your THC pen is exposed to high temperatures, like in a hot car or pocket during a heat wave, the oil becomes thinner and moves quickly.

It can block air flow points and create less-than-ideal conditions for vaporizing. It’s best to keep your pen in a cool and dry place, but we understand that may not always be possible.

Read on to learn about the top THC disposable pens in Canada: The Best THC Vape Pen Canada Has To Offer

How to Unclog a Cart the Easy Way

How to Unclog a THC Vape Cart the Easy Way

Let’s start with the easiest three ways to troubleshoot a clogged vape cartridge. These methods will clear most clogs and get you back to vaping quickly.

Check the airflow vents

Ensure the cartridge vents are open and accessible. If there’s an adjustable collar, open it up. Also, try loosening the vape cart slightly in your device’s threading. Tightening it too much can block air circulation.

Unclog the mouthpiece and chimney

If you’ve been using the same cart for a while, it may have hardened residue blocking the mouthpiece and chimney. Scrape or wipe the blockage clean using a tiny instrument such as a toothpick, cotton swab, or other small probing object. This will, however, only work if the blockage is in the mouthpiece.

To remove excess oil, use the cotton swab along the holes and threadings on your cart. Every now and again, clean your mouthpiece with a cotton swab. This tiny quantity of excess oil may be removed to avoid further accumulation.

Take a paper clip and gently run it down the representative to remove the blockage. Be careful not to scratch the delicate heating coil at the bottom. Sometimes, simply puffing firmly can dislodge the clog and make the cartridge work again.

Pulse the coil to loosen the oil

If you’re using a cartridge filled with thick material or stored in a cold place, warming it up can help. Press the fire button on your vape battery in short bursts or take a quick puff on the mouthpiece without inhaling. It will help loosen the material and ensure it flows properly through the wick.

Furthermore, regular vaping ensures that excess oil is removed rather than drowning the coil.

How to Unclog a Vape Cart With Hot Water

All you need is a bowl and a zip-top plastic bag. First, seal the cartridge tightly in the bag. Then, place the bagged cartridge in the bowl. Position the bowl in your sink and let warm water run over the cart for two to three minutes. 

The hot water will help to loosen and dissolve any blockages in the cartridge. Once you remove the cartridge from the bag, check for air bubbles inside it. It indicates that the distillate has started to absorb into the wick, which is a positive sign. 

Keep running warm water until you no longer see bubbles from the cart’s wick openings. At that point, your cart should be unclogged and ready to use again. Give it a try, and you’ll be back to enjoying your vape in no time!

How to Unclog a Cart With a Hair Dryer

If you find yourself with a clogged vape cart and don’t have any zip-top bags on hand, there’s another method you can try using a hair dryer. It’s important to note that you should set the hair dryer to the lowest possible heat setting to avoid damaging the plastic. 

Begin by turning on the hair dryer and gently waving it over the surface of the cartridge. As you do this, the cart’s character will become warm, which helps to unclog the oil inside. Take extra care when using this method, as the goal is to warm the oil and not harm the cartridge. 

As the water method mentioned, watch for bubbles forming in the cart. These bubbles indicate that the oil absorbs the wick and the clog is cleared.

How Do You Unclog a Vape Pen Cartridge With No Airflow?

Vape Pen Cartridge Has No Airflow

If your cart is new or old, it cannot be very pleasant when the air doesn’t flow properly. Here are four easy ways to fix this problem.

Make sure to check the airflow of your vape cart.

Each cart is different, so adjusting the airflow might be added too. Sometimes the air circulation could be completely closed. Some carts get air from the bottom near the threads. If you have a new cart without airflow, try loosening it to see if it helps.

Condensation buildup and inadequate ventilation

Condensation buildup and inadequate ventilation can cause blockages in your vape cart. Excess condensation can clog the airway, preventing vapor from passing through. If you experience oil drops in your mouth when vaping, condensation buildup might be the issue. 

Fortunately, you can fix this by warming the cartridge with a hair dryer or warm water to make the oil less thick. Then, use a paperclip or pin to scrape away any residue in the mouthpiece and between the cart and the battery. You can also use a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol. Finally, reassemble the vape and test if air can pass through by inhaling from the mouthpiece.

Chamber flooding

Chamber flooding can happen when a vape is left unused for a long time. Cannabis oils have a viscous consistency at room temperature.

When this thick oil remains on the base of the cartridge for an extended period of time, the wick or heating chamber may be unable to keep it in control, resulting in a flood.

Then Gurgling noises and faint vapour are produced by the dab cart. To fix a flooded cart:

  1. Try shaking it to disperse excess vape oil.
  2. Avoid inhaling to prevent further flooding.
  3. For pre-filled carts, blow gently through the mouthpiece while holding it upside down.

Refillable carts are disassembled to remove excess oil manually. Reassemble the cartridge, test it, and wait until the flooding is resolved before inhaling.

Act promptly

If you take action sooner, fixing the clog becomes faster and simpler. It’s wise to clean your mouthpiece regularly, even before you notice any buildup.

What to Do When a Cart Has Air flow, but No Vapor

Most of the problems mentioned earlier can also cause a lack of vapor. When oil leaks into the connection between the cart and the battery, it can stop the device from working properly. It can happen because of wetness or too much oil in the chamber. However, the main reason is usually the battery itself.

When you buy your cart from a trusted maker, they often give instructions on how to set it up. Check the manual or website to ensure your device is set up correctly.

Some devices let you adjust the wattage or voltage manually. If your current setting is lower than the manufacturer recommends, the machine may need more power to turn the oil into vapor.

How to Fix a Clogged 510 Vape Cartridge

How to Fix a Clogged 510 Vape Cartridge

If your vape cartridge 510 is clogged, don’t worry! Here are five simple guides to fix it:

  1. Inhale slowly from your vape pen. It can help heat the oil and clear any blockages.
  2. Preheat your vape pen by pressing the button for five to ten seconds before inhaling. It warms up the oil and promotes vapor production.
  3. Store your vape pen at room temperature to stabilize the oil and make vaping easier.
  4. Keep your vape pen upright to help unclog the cartridge if the oil is near the mouthpiece. It works best if you can’t preheat it or if the cartridge is very cold or newly purchased.
  5. Use a paperclip, floss pick, or alcohol wipe to gently remove any visible clumps or blockages in the air holes, such as the mouthpiece.

Learn more about vape pen troubleshooting here: What to Do When Your Vape Pen Isn’t Working

How to Prevent Vape Cart Clogging in the Future?

Using pre-filled disposable vape cartridges can lead to blockage. It happens because oil-based concentrates have different consistencies. Additionally, dab pen or wax pen carts are often stored in cold places.

If you fill your vape cartridges, you can prevent clogs by following these three tips for reliable performance:

  1. The type of oil matters. Only load liquid materials into oil cartridges at room temperature. For portable dabbing, use a wax tank; try an electric nectar collector for home use.
  2. To lessen the chance of bloking, look for high-quality oil from reputable dispensaries or online vape store.
  3. Replace vape cartridges when the flavor quality declines. This decline is an indication of residue buildup. Residue buildup eventually leads to clogging.
  4. Always use a vape cartridge designed for oil vaping. Cotton wick vape tanks are suitable for thin e-liquids, not oils. Using an e-liquid tank for oils likely results in clogging and unreliable performance.

With a high-quality THC vape cart, you can avoid all of these headaches. Here is a list of the best Canadian cannabis vape carts.


How Do You Tell If a Cartridge is Clogged?

If you’re struggling to inhale and experiencing liquid in your mouth, it indicates that your vape cartridge is clogged.

What Happens if Your Cartridge is Not Pulling?

If your cartridge is not pulling, check if the vape pen’s airflow holes are open, as clogged air circulation may be the cause.

How Do You Deep Clean a Cartridge?

To deep clean a vape cartridge, follow these three steps: 

  1. Fill a bowl with hot water. 
  2. Swish the pod and coil in the water for agitation. 
  3. Empty the bowl, refill it with hot water and remove the pod and coil from the water.

Why is My Dab Pen Not Blowing Smoke?

The battery contact of your dab pen may be clogged or coated, preventing it from producing smoke.

Why Do I Have to Pull So Hard on My Vape?

It’s because, you’ve flooded the tank from pulling too hard in the past. Make small draws to prevent this in the future.

How Do I Stop My Vape From Flooding?

To prevent vape flooding, follow these tips: don’t overfill the tank or over-prime the coil. Also, avoid inhaling too hard. Additionally, reduce the PG level and use the correct vaping technique for your kit.

Why Does My New Vape Pen Cartridge Have No Airflow?

The new vape pen cartridge may have no airflow. It could be due to clogged air circulation or a blocked mouthpiece. You can visually inspect the cartridge to determine the cause.

Why Does My Cart Have Airflow but No Smoke?

The air flow holes in your cart may have vape juice clogging, preventing smoke production.

Why is Wax Coming Out of My Vape Penโ€™s Mouthpiece?

You might not have tightened the cartridge properly, or you could have overfilled it.

Troubleshoot Your Vape Cartridge

Why is My New Cart Not Hitting?

Check for a blockage in the vape cart and adjust the connection or try using it with a different device.

Why is My Vape Lighting Up but Not Hitting?

Bubbles trapped in the pre-filled pod or cartridge can cause clogging or air flow issues.

How Do I Prevent Dry Burn in my Cart?

The easiest approach to prevent annoying dry hits is to keep your coil properly hydrated at all times. This includes ensuring that your tank has enough e-liquid inside to cover the wick holes and that it is constantly filled up.

With a button-activated vape battery, your cartridge won’t heat when you inhale without touching it, preventing dry burn.

Why is My Cart Not Hitting and It’s Not Clogged?

The cart’s lack of hitting may be due to a battery issue rather than a clog, so check your battery as it could be the problem.

Final Thoughts: How to unclog a vape cart

Resolving air flow issues brings some advantages. These include improved flavor and increased vapor production. Additionally, it extends the lifespan of your cartridge. The problem of a clogged cartridge is frustrating. It can also waste products and make vaping unpleasant.

You can easily restore proper air circulation by employing simple techniques. One method is gently warming the cartridge. Another approach is using a needle to clear blockages. Remember the importance of being patient and cautious when unclogging your cartridge to avoid damage. 

These essential tips and tricks allow you to enjoy your favorite vape juices without obstructions. So, keep your cartridges clean and clear, and keep on vaping!

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