Cannabis enthusiasts always try to find new ways to get high. So, to help them explore new avenues, marijuana manufacturers and growers keep shifting the form factors from one form to another. Today, you can see a lot of canna verse products, such as full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolate, live resin, and distillate.

While all these forms share a few common denominators, live resin and distillate vape carts have been big names in the cannabis space for a while now. The cannabis-derived distillate is indeed a tried-and-true staple; live resins have become highly popular over the past few years.

However, before starting your journey with any weed cart, it is advised to weigh the pros and cons. This approach will help you customize your experience to match what exactly you’re looking for.

In this essential guide, we will compare two standard types of vape carts: Live Resin vs. Distillate. Our detailed comparison will show you the similarities and differences between distillate and live resin carts.

Distillate vs. Live Resin Carts

What is a Distillate Cart?

A distillate weed cart is made primarily from THC distillate and added terpenes or flavourings. They are one of the most common cartridges found on the market and are popular with many cannabis users.

What is a Live Resin Cart?

These cartridges use live resin instead of distillate as the psychoactive compound. They are considered a full-spectrum cannabis product and their flavour profile closely resembles that of the original plant.  

Live Resin vs Distillate Vape Carts: Exploring Similarities and Differences

There are core similarities between distillate and live resin carts, but they also show notable differences.

Let’s explore the distinct characteristics of distillate vs live resin vape carts:

1. Production of Distillate vs. Live Resin

Both live resin and distillate vape carts are derived from cannabis plants, but they’re produced through two distinct different methods.

How are Live Resin Carts Made?

The production of live resin starts during harvesting. Producers swiftly freeze the finest plants at 10 degrees below zero or colder to preserve the cannibinoid profile of the plants.

After 48 hours, manufacturers remove the frozen cannabis flowers to extract the concentrated compounds from the plant. After processing the extract, it is purified one last time and can be used as live resin concentrate or in live resin vape carts.

At Your Elements, we carry high-potency, terpene-rich live resin carts derived from only the best cannabis plants.

How are Distillate Carts Made?

Producing distillates involves a series of steps. Farmers first grow the cannabis to be used in distillate production and dry and cure the buds.

Once the drying process is completed, the THC is extracted from the plant. The next step is decarboxylation, where the extract is heated to activate the cannabinoids in the concentrate.

Lastly, processors distill the mixture to its purest form. Typically, this step may be repeated several times to yield a transparent and pure oil that can be used in a variety of products, including THC distillate cartridges

2. Using a Live Resin vs. Distillate Cart

When comparing the usage of distillate vs live resin carts, they can be used in very similar ways. 

Both must be used in conjunction with a 510-threaded battery and inhaled through the mouthpiece. Their compact size makes them easy to carry on the go as they can be taken virtually everywhere. 

3. Terpene & Cannabinoid Content

Live resin carts typically contain anywhere from 4% to 12%+ terpene content whereas their distillate counterparts contain much less, sometimes as low as 2%. These percentages can greatly differ among brands, so we suggest contacting the brand for their precise concentrations.

When talking about cannabinoids, live resin typically has a THC concentration between 45% and 90%. In contrast, carts made with distillates are usually 90 to 99% of the primary cannabinoid, whether it be THC, CBN, CBG, or CBD.

Are Live Resin Carts Better Than Distillate THC Carts?

Both live resin and distillate vape carts boast individual strengths and effects. Choosing the best cart depends on your experience level, personal preferences, and desired effects.

Let's discuss a few of these factors and find the best vape cart for your needs:

Live resin carts are an ideal choice for those seeking a more robust version of cannabis flower. As the plant is flash-frozen after harvesting, live resin carts retain more of the strain's original essence. Packed with terpenes, live resin cartridges mirror the authentic strain's smell and taste. 

Alternatively, distillate carts are the best option for individuals who prefer carts with a high concentration of THC, CBN, CBG, or CBD. The neutral flavour profile of distillates makes them ideal for those who don’t like the earthy taste of cannabis, as they can be enhanced with a wide variety of flavour profiles. 

Furthermore, the economical price point of distillate carts makes them an ideal option for cannabis users looking to branch into cartridges. 

Live Resin vs Distillate Cart Comparison

Are Live Resin Carts Stronger Than Distillate Cartridges?

No, while live resin carts generally have a slightly lower THC concentration than distillate carts, they are much higher in terpene content and offer their user different benefits and experiences. Live resin carts are all about terpenes and potent cannabis flavour, while distillate carts focus on THC content and an intense high.

Both products have enough THC for users to reap the therapeutic benefits, but distillates are usually more potent, with a THC concentration of at least 90% and sometimes up to 99%.

Is a Live Resin or Distillate Cart Better for a Beginner?

If you are new to cannabis or vape carts and are debating whether to try live resin vs distillate, you're in luck! Either of these carts are a suitable choice for new cannabis users. However, depending on your usual method of cannabis consumption - you may prefer one over the other.

If you are a fan of terpene-rich buds or joints, live resin carts may be for you! The THC content found in our live resin carts has a quick onset and gives its user a subtle euphoria. Many describe the high as very similar to that of dried cannabis. In short, the high of live resin is subtle, balanced, soft, and soothing.

In contrast, distillate carts contain 90-99% pure THC, which can result in a highly potent session! Users who gravitate towards infused joints, are fans of dabbing or prefer a more intense high find distillate carts to be their ideal choice.

This can result in an intense high for distillate cartridge users if they are not careful with their dosing. Too high of a dose could result in adverse reactions, depending on how your mind and body react to THC. As you can see, this is quite a noticeable difference from the live resin vs. distillate high. 

With that said, if you’re brand new to cannabis, we suggest sticking to live resin carts for a more mellow high. If you’re a seasoned stoner or you're looking for a more potent high, you should try distillate carts.

Distillate vs Live Resin Cart Vaping

Live Resin vs Distillate Vape Carts: Which One is the Right Choice?

To summarize, distillate and live resin cartridges each have their own unique characteristics, experiences, and effects.

If you prefer terpene-rich vape carts with lots of flavour, try our live resin carts! They are high in terpenes and sure to satisfy your palate. On the other hand, distillate carts are the perfect choice for those who are interested in a vape cart that focuses on cannabinoids.

The ultimate choice of deciding between live resin vs. distillate for your cartridge depends on your personal preferences, but we invite you to try both and experience the difference yourself!

Explore our highly potent, solvent-free cartridges at Your Elements and get ready for a heightened experience!

Cindy Young

Cindy is a longtime cannabis aficionado and seasoned writer. Originally from BC, she attended the University of Waterloo and graduated in 2014. Her passion is educating others on cannabis culture and sharing her wealth of knowledge. Dive into the world of THC with Cindy as she blends a unique academic understanding with her genuine passion for all things cannabis.
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