As a self-professed cannaseur, I've found that finding a distillate pen in Canada that checks all the boxes can be a challenge. Recently, I was invited to test out the 4 different distillate pens carried by Your Elements.

Your Elements is a Canadian brand that is known for their high-quality vape and cannabis products. Before testing their complete line of THC pens, I had only purchased their 2ml Disposable Distillate Pen, which I am a huge fan of!

In short, their pens stand out in a crowded market and I appreciate the wide variety of options they've made available to their clientele. In this review, we’ll explore what makes these distillate pens special and why they could be a great addition to your collection.

What Are Distillate Pens?

Distillate pens, also known as distillate vape pens, are portable devices used for vaporizing cannabis concentrates. These pens consist of a THC or CBD-filled cartridge and a battery that powers a heating element. When you inhale through the pen's mouthpiece, the coil becomes heated and vaporizes the distillate into a smooth vapour.

One of the reasons I switched to Elements over the previous brand I used is that the oil used in their distillate pens undergoes a rigorous extraction process to remove any impurities and produce a solvent-free, pure product that delivers a consistent dose in every puff. 

Their distillate pens are made in Canada, easy to use, discreet, and come in a huge array of flavours, which makes it easy to find your perfect pen! Distillate pens have become my go-to choice over joints or even dabs as I prefer more precise doses and find distillate pens guarantee a consistent experience.

2ml Disposable Distillate Pen

First impressions matter, and Element's 2ml Distillate Pen doesn't disappoint! Their Canadian distillate pen features a sleek, aluminum body with a smooth finish that feels comfortable to hold. This distillate pen is very compact and easy to slip into my pocket to use while out. 

The brand uses a high-THC Delta-9 distillate in all their vape products. Their 2ml disposable pens have THC levels ranging between 90-95%, depending on the chosen strain. I was able to confirm with the brand that there are no additives, such as vitamin E acetate, in any of their products.

There are 15 signature strains available in their 2ml pen and an additional 4 candy-flavoured ones. While I thoroughly enjoyed testing both Maui Wowie and Peach Rings, the latter was my favourite!

With the pricing for each pen set at $50, you can't go wrong. Comparable distillate pens in Canada are half the size for a similar price. Take advantage of the 3 for $130 combo to score the best deal!

Twisted Terps Dual Flavour Distillate Pens

The second distillate pen that I tested from them was from their new line Twisted Terps. I love how this pen has two different flavour options to swap between! This is thanks to the pen's dual chamber, with each side housing 1ml of distillate. 

I was lucky enough to try two different pens out, red and purple. Strawberry and birthday cake are the two flavours found in the red THC distillate pen. This was the one I was most excited to try! The purple pen houses 1ml each of grape juice and cotton candy. A small switch on the side of the pen is what allows you to easily switch between flavours. 

The pen itself is compact and has a velvety feel. The body feels high quality and is soft to the touch. Each device can be recharged via USB-C and I love how the joint's cherry lights up as it's charging. 

Overall, I quite liked the two-flavour pen. It was easy to use and I did enjoy the very clean high it gave. Having the option to switch between two flavours was a unique feature and fun to try out! All 4 flavours were smooth and tasty, but cotton candy became my go-to. 

I would recommend trying Twisted Terps if you enjoy disposable distillate pens or enjoy having flavour options while vaping. 

500mg Disposable Distillate Pen

The third pen I tried from them is the smaller version of their 2ml pen. Elements 500mg Distillate Pen is the perfect travel companion for cannabis lovers on the go! It's slim, rechargeable, and comes in 15 different strains. I tested their bestselling strains, Pineapple Express and Blueberry, and was not disappointed! 

My vape came partially charged, but the brand does recommend charging to 100% before first use. Unlike the 2ml pen, this one uses micro-USB charging. I am assuming this is due to its smaller size.

This vape contains the same high-quality distillate as the first two pens we reviewed. I decided to try an indica and a hybrid strain this time. Blueberry has a pleasantly fruity flavour profile and helps with relaxing and unwinding. I enjoyed using this strain closer to the end of the day or during the evening to help me relax and prepare for bed. I experienced a very pleasant, calming high when using the Blueberry distillate pen. Despite being an indica, it did have a slightly uplifting effect on me instead of the heavier, groggy feeling I'm used to. It was easy to take several puffs throughout the evening and I found it did help ease my insomnia. 

Pineapple Express, on the other hand, is a well-balanced hybrid strain known for its energizing high. It has a sweet, tropical taste, with hints of citrus and pineapple. This pen took me to new levels of euphoria and energy. I felt a definite mood boost, but none of the anxiety that can accompany pure sativas. 

While the 500mg THC pen is a great value pick at $25, my recommendation is to purchase their 2ml disposable pen. For only $25 more, you are getting quadruple the product. Additionally, the 2ml device is only marginally bigger than the 500mg pen. Overall, you can't go wrong with either distillate pen! 

Distillate Pen All-in-One Kit

The last distillate pen in Canada I tried was their popular All-in-One Distillate Vape Kit. This kit contains everything you need to start vaping! I chose the legendary sativa strain, Jack Herer, for my kit. Shipping was very fast, it came to my doorstep just a few days after placing my order. 

The kit itself is sleek and could easily be used as a storage box for the vape or other objects. The box contains a slim black battery, a USB charger, and a 510 cartridge filled to the brim with your chosen strain! 

Attaching the cartridge to the battery was easy. The box included instructions on how to turn on the distillate pen. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this battery model supports pre-heating and voltage changes. All of the instructions can be found on the box's lid, making it nearly impossible to lose them.

The distillate pen is easy to use and feels comfortable to use. It produces a smooth vapour and little to no noise while in use. Vaping Jack Herer allowed me to taste the dominant notes of pine and spice found in its flavour profile. The strong pine aroma can be attributed to the terpene pinene. Jack Herer's ability to simultaneously calm the body and spark the mind is unique and highly enjoyable. I can see why this strain's popularity has stood the test of time. 

There are 15 different strains available for the kits currently. Once your cartridge is finished there are 2 different refill sizes available, 500mg and 1200mg. I am a big fan of these kits and can easily see myself purchasing the refills in the future. Incredibly convenient to use and excellent value!

Where to Buy a Distillate Pen in Canada

With so many dispensaries and online stores, it is highly accessible to buy distillate pens in Canada. However, I highly recommend purchasing yours from Elements.

Besides their stellar reputation, they only carry top-quality products, including a large variety of distillate vapes. I thoroughly enjoyed each of the pens and strains I tested out and look forward to exploring more of their collection soon.

They offer both flat-rate and free express shipping. My order qualified for their free shipping and arrived very fast via Canada Post. I opted out of their optional shipping insurance as my building has a parcel locker, but I appreciate them offering this service. If I had opted in, it would have only been an additional $5 to ensure safety against porch pirates. 

Final Thoughts on Distillate Pens in Canada

While I thoroughly enjoyed testing all four distillate pens, the 2ml Disposable Pen and Distillate Pen Kit are the two products I can see myself repurchasing immediately. They Delta-9 oil creates a smooth vapour and the pens themselves are easy to use. At $50 and $45 respectively, they are one of the best cannabis deals I've seen on the market lately. In fact, their 2ml Distillate Pen is sitting on my desk as I'm writing this. 

If you're searching the market for a new distillate pen in Canada or looking to try vaping, I highly recommend Elements! 

James Parker

James Parker is a respected blogger and product reviewer based in Vancouver, BC. While he began his journey as a casual enthusiast, his curiosity quickly evolved into a quest to become an expert in the field. James’ passion, attention to detail, and approachability are unmatched in the industry. Whether it’s a new strain or an innovative vaporizer, James’ keen eye for quality and his commitment to education make his reviews a go-to resource for cannabis enthusiasts of all levels. When he’s not writing, James enjoys connecting with the cannabis community and advocating for responsible usage.
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