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No, most weed cartridges are designed with a typical 510-thread size, which offers compatibility with numerous vape pen batteries found at local dispensaries. However, there are specific battery cartridges like pods that are tailored to certain brands, ensuring they only function with those particular vape pens.

6-12 months. While vape pen batteries offer advantages like discreteness, ease of use, and reusability, they come with one drawback: a relatively limited lifespan. The duration of a weed vape pen battery varies, ranging from approximately 4-6 months to potentially exceeding a year. The actual longevity depends on how well you maintain and care for your battery.

Charging your vape pen overnight is possible, but it’s not the most advisable practice for maintaining the health of the battery. While it’s not inherently unsafe due to failsafes preventing overheating or overcharging, the device will continue to draw a small amount of electricity to remain at a full charge. This constant trickle of power, while minimal in terms of your electricity bill, can have a negative impact on the battery’s overall health and longevity.

Yes, a standard weed pen can be charged using a regular charger. These vape pens typically use a USB connection, either through a common USB cable or an adapter that can be screwed into the 510 threads. As long as you have access to a USB port and a suitable cable or adapter, you won’t need to worry about matching specific chargers with particular devices. This convenience makes it straightforward to keep your weed pen charged and ready for use.

If your USB vape charger is not working, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:


  1. Check the USB cable and wall adapter: Ensure that both your charging cable and wall adapter are in proper working condition. Consider trying a different cable or adapter to determine if the problem persists.
  2. Examine the charging port: Inspect the charging port of your vape pen for any debris or damage. Make sure there is no obstruction preventing a proper connection.


By following these steps, you can identify and address the potential reasons why your USB vape charger is not functioning as expected.

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