Strawberry Banana Kush


Explore the captivating synergy of Strawberry Banana (Strawnana) THC cartridge and distillate, meticulously crafted as an indica-dominant hybrid with THC levels spanning from 22% to 26%. Relish the gradual transition from a gentle cerebral buzz to an uplifting head high, accompanied by a tranquil body buzz that encourages relaxation and unleashes creativity.

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The Banana Strawberry strain, often referred to as Strawnana, is a captivating cultivar that emerges from a harmonious Indica blend of Banana Kush and Bubble Gum. Brought to life through the collaboration of Reserva Privada and DNA Genetics, this strain delivers a delightful fusion of sweet and fruity flavors.

The Strawnana  strain, often referred to as the Strawnana strain, is a cherished indica dominant hybrid. Its alluring profile boasts a sweet, fruity taste coupled with a distinct hash-like, spicy aroma.

Strawberry Banana offers a seamlessly enjoyable smoking experience. While its effects can be potent, particularly for newcomers, it’s advised to approach with care to maintain equilibrium. This indica strain gradually ascends to an intense euphoria, ensuring a balanced encounter.

Yes, Strawberry Banana stands as an indica-dominant hybrid. Created by intertwining Strawberry Bubblegum with Crockett’s Banana Kush, this strain showcases the promise of aiding sleep and alleviating pain.

Anticipate a serene and uplifting high, accompanied by a sense of joy and positivity. Experience noticeable enhancements in creativity, social engagement, and focus, marking a distinct progress in these aspects. As the high evolves, a gentle inclination towards drowsiness may emerge, making Strawnana an optimal choice for afternoon or evening usage.

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