Enjoy sweet ecstasy with Your Elements' Watermelon OG cartridges and distillates. Taste the delicious taste of fresh watermelon and sweet fruits. The relaxing qualities of this indica-dominant combination will help you find peace and serenity.

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The Watermelon OG vape cartridge is a THC cartridge filled with distillate derived from the hybrid strain Watermelon OG. This THC cart combines the original strain’s skunky, citrus tastes and relaxing, euphoric high into one blissful cannabis experience. You can always rely on a Heavy Hitters cartridge to deliver. Citrus, flowery, and skunky flavors and aromas. Reported effects include feeling relaxed, calm, and euphoric.

The Watermelon OG is an Indica dominant hybrid strain, with a genetic makeup of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa.

Watermelon OG by Heavy Hitters is a robust indica with a strong watermelon taste. This sedative-inducing hybrid of Watermelon Z and Tahoe Hydro OG is ideal for a relaxed day or a good night’s sleep. Users on our site report on the effects and tastes.

Watermelon OG distillate vapes taste like a ripe and juicy watermelon with subtle hints of grape, all complemented by hashy undertones. If you’re a fan of distillate vapes, Watermelon OG distillate is a must-try to satisfy your flavour cravings!

Many users favoured the Watermelon OG strain in Canada because of its distinct watermelon flavour and well-balanced effects. Positive reviews and high ratings have also contributed to this strain’s popularity, with many customers praising its smooth hits and potent effects. While availability may vary from store to store, those who find it in stock have been impressed with the quality of the product.

Watermelon OG can relax and calm the mind and body. The soothing qualities of the Watermelon OG indica cannabis strain make it ideal as a sleeping aid or appetite stimulant. This strain has a characteristic fruity watermelon taste profile, suggestive of grape with hashy undertones, as the name says.

Reviews report happy and euphoric feelings, with some users experiencing increased focus and creativity. Effects may vary depending on tolerance and the amount consumed.

Watermelon and watermelon juice might help your body recuperate and feel better after exercise. This might be due to citrulline, which aids in the production of nitric oxide, which improves blood flow and muscle performance. Citrulline also eliminates ammonia from the body.

Why should you buy Watermelon OG from Yourelements?

If you’re looking for premium quality products, Yourelements is the perfect place to purchase Watermelon OG. Despite stock availability varying between stores, many still regarded the Watermelon OG with high ratings and positive reviews. Its smooth hits, potent effects, and delicious watermelon flavour make it a standout cartridge that customers have praised. Yourelements housed Watermelon OG strain in high-quality hardware and will fit any 510 battery. Remember to add a review, upload photos and leave us a rating when you purchase the Cartridge-Watermelon OG strain from us! While the stock may sometimes be unavailable, the Watermelon OG is worth considering. Be one of the first to review this cartridge in our online store!


Consider what experience you desire, whether energizing, relaxing, or combining both. This will help you limit your choices and search for a product with the intended effects.

Ensure a top-notch experience by choosing products from Yourelements! We housed Watermelon OG strain in high-quality hardware and will fit any 510 battery. Be the first to review, upload photos and leave us a rating when you purchase the Cartridge-Watermelon OG strain from us!

To ensure you’re getting the best possible product, read reviews and ratings from other customers who have tried the cartridge. Check how users review the product and see if they mention factors like smooth hits, potent effects, and great taste.

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